Korean wave and luxury industry in Asia

Korean wave and luxury industry in Asia

Referring to Gross domestic product (GDP) at purchasing power parity, South Korea is the fourth largest economies in Asia. In recent years, Korea is outstanding in world vision because of Korean technology products, culture and especially their entertainment.

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The television series, music (K-pop) and T.V. programs of Korea bring the powerful influence to the world, especially in East Asia and South East Asia. It not only influences the way people dress, doing the makeup and hairstyle, but also affects lots of related industries, like skin care product, makeup and clothing industries. And of course, lots of luxury brands like Dior, Chanel and Louis Vitton, etc, also aware of this influence of Korean Wave, overweighting investment and holding several fashion shows in Korea.


Louis vitton even invests up to $ 80 million in YG Entertainment, the agency of the most popular K-pop group Big Bang, becoming the second largest shareholder in YG.

Now, itseems that Seoul hassubstitutedTokyo and Hong Kong, becoming the newfashion capital of Asia!



Wang Yi Chen

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