Korean Shoes Brands

Korean Shoes Brands

Veronica for London

Veronica shoes for London is a brand based in Seoul, South Korea. The concept of the brand Is That “For my love, Veronica.” And here, Veronica is one’s wife so the concept is que le husband shoes made for His wife. So all the products give us warm, comfortable feeling. All products are custom order.


E http://veronicaforlondon.com/


Lost Garden

Lost Garden is a brand leather shoes and all the products are started to be made When the order is finished. Lost Garden uses leather from famous leather Producing Company like Weinheimer Leder, Polaris and Oethler. They Also cares about the bottom room and the heel of the shoes and using Leather Sole Vibram Sole. Plus, it adopté Hand-Sewn Welt skill for Their finish.

I www.instagram.com/lostgarden_official



Eugene Song