Kelly by Hermès, a royal destiny

Kelly by Hermès, a royal destiny

As it should be, the birth of a legend is often enveloped in an aura of mystery and uncertainty.

This is the case for what is widely regarded as the most cult bag for half a century.

Robert Dumas, member of specialized Parisian leather goods in articles for horses and travel, created the belt Travel bag for ladies in 1930.

This bag is the woman and her new lifestyle, more dynamic, enterprising, independent and free.

When the iconic bag sees it renamed on behalf of the American actress Grace Kelly?

The mystery remains emblematic. Some, think the bag and his name became legendary in 1956, when Life magazine published American a photo of the actress accompanied the Prince Rainier III of Monaco and concealing his belly with the famous purse to hide her pregnancy. The myth of this great bag iconic is based on the percentage of superb floor “imperfection”.

It takes over 18 hours of work minimum for a Hermès Bag, handmade in Paris.

       Six months minimum of waiting for acquire a Kelly Bag.

Valentine Perreaux

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