Kate Moss Inc.

Kate Moss Inc.

Kate Moss who is also known as the world famous supermodel is building her new empire. Started from becoming the face of Calvin Klein to the hundreds of VOGUE’s cover, Kate Moss indeed is an icon in fashion industry. For almost three decades, she has been the most photographed person in the world and has more covers of VOGUE around the world than anyone else.

Earlier this year, Moss made a surprising decision by leaving her Mother Agency Storm, based in London, after 27 years. In a new report from Business of Fashion, Moss announced the founding of Kate Moss agency, which she called “a dream.”

“You know that film Gia? Faye Dunaway plays the agent. I could do that also ! but I want to focus more on managing people’s careers than just running a modeling agency,” she said in the interview. “ I don’t really want pretty people, I want people that want to sing and dance and act – I want to create a stars”. Here is Kate Moss with her very first model Louis Baines.






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