Karl lagerfeld, a multi tasker

Karl lagerfeld, a multi tasker

Karl lagerfeld, known for being an ultimate multitasker, has built a tremendous admirative fashion carer for over 60 years know.

Indeed, he stays nowadays one of the most influential people in the fashion industry and still succeeds to continiously surpise us. Not only is he the head designer of the Chanel maison but he has also created lots of other projects such as his own label « Fendi » and new line « Karl by karl lagerfeld ».

All of the photographs and editorials of his campaigns are entirely done by himself.

A designer, a photographer … is there anything he can’t do ?

Often compared to the Steve Job’s of the fashion world, Karl lagerfeld is a living legend, recognizable by his unchangeable unique style and his outstanding talent.

Unstoppable, we just cannot get enough of him.


Stacey Parkinson


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