John Paul Concierge Services

John Paul Concierge Services

From reservations in a fully booked flight to delivering 30 penguins four a birthday party, a luxury concierge must be capable of everything!

“His promise: he says yes all the time, everywhere, to any kind of request,” sums up David Amsellem, chairman of luxury concierge John Paul. It is thus nearly three hundred people today who fold in four to grant the wishes of some 800,000 “privileged” 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.



To have access to this private concierge, you need to pay between 1,800€ to 6,000€ per year, depending on the services you want: from day-to-day emergency management to organizing various events including going out on the weekends. So, planning a trip at the last minute, finding a babysitter for the evening or reserving a seat very well placed in a concert that displays full, everything is possible, says John Paul.



It is with that exact promise that ‘everything is possible for our clients’ that companies such as Citroën, Lexus and L’Oreal trust John Paul. In one of their programs, the holders of the very high-end ‘Visa infinite’ card are offered free of charge some of John Paul’s concierge services. For 320 euros a year, the cost of a Visa Infinite card, customers subscribe to an “affinity program”: Concierge and entertainment services created by John Paul in close cooperation with Visa cards.



By proposing a personalized service, accessible everywhere and at any time to their clients, and also over 50 affinity programs, John Paul has found an amazing way to create customer loyalty. Even when it’s complicated. Besides, the most difficult requests to meet are not necessarily those we would think: it would be easier to bring a giraffe downstairs than to order a taxi at 6pm on a rainy day!



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