Jean Lanvin – Facts about you did not know.

Jean Lanvin – Facts about you did not know.


Jean Lanvin was born in 1867 and she didn’t have an easy life. She was the oldest from the 13 kids and she always suffering from being hungry.

When she finished 13 years old, she started to work as a “modiste”. She started to design a hats.

In 1885 she opened her first boutique in Paris. Her bussines started to develop. She had more and more clients.


jean lanvin ateliere


Her the biggest precious was her doughter Margarita. She was very oftern in her mother’s salon, while she was young. She was helping her mother and looking what she was doing. Margarita had always beautiful dress. Her mother created her awesome dresses, which were catching attention of the clients.

Ladies, comming to her shop couldnt stop looking at the little dresses. Once, they asked Jean to make them the same outfits. It was amazing. In 1909 Jean opened her first Haute Couture Department. She started to design and sew dresses for the parisian elite. She started to be designer. In this way she has put a step in the history of haute couture.

jean lanvin dougher and herjean lanvin doughter kid


As one of the first, creaded characteristics for her brand. Looking at her dresses, we could distinguish her job without noticing a label. She was using very pastel colours. The main once were: Blue Lanvin, Rose Polignac, Vert Velasquez.

It is Jean who created the position of the brand ambassador. The first women being brand ambassador was her doughter. Before almost no one was combining face with the brand. Margarita became face of the maison and she was the way of the brand communication.



Lanvin was also a pioneer in the company diversification. In 1924 she created her first perfumes – My Sin.

jean lanvin permfumes

She didn’t stop on that. She was also the first designer in history making fashion for women, who desided to create outfits for men.

In 1926 she decided to open Mens Line, which was also a big success.


The young lady, along 13 kids become the most rich women in 1930. She created something from nothing. She made imperium, from which she could be proud of.



Olga Oplotna

Olga Oplotna

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