Celler de Can Roca

Celler de Can Roca

For some time the Celler de Can Roca is one of the best restaurants worlds, in 2013 he won the prize of the magazine “Restaurant” that qualified it.descarga (12)

El Celler de Can Roca has 3 stars michellin and has won countless national awards internationals.

This restaurant, located in Gerona, Spain, is run by the Roca brothers. These brothers are Spanish hospitality professionals recognized worldwide. Each brother has specialized in one field of hospitality, with the aim of creating a quality restaurant and innovative.


Joan’s work in the kitchen is spotless, so technical and creative ability.  Jordi with pastry breaks new ground in the world of desserts. And Josep with the room and the cellar is perfect example of how these two camps should work in a restaurant, according to this the customer satisfaction is maximized.


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