Jaguar and Dua Lipa colaboration

Jaguar and Dua Lipa colaboration

One of the most reknown new music artist worldwide, Dua Lipa launches a vanguard association with Jaguar. The Dua Lipa project is launching a European program to promote the PACE family of Jaguar vehicles, which start point was an exclusive show at the launching ceremony of ‘Dua Lipa x Jaguar’ in Amsterdam the last September 3rd. The event kicks off a series of Jaguar events throughout Europe, called PACE: Season One, celebrating the brand’s popular SUV models, E-PACE, F-PACE and I-PACE.

Dua Lipa, currently the most broadcast female music artist in the world, has not appeared with another artist, but with the new Jaguar I-PACE, an electric all-rounder with zero exhaust emissions and able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds.

“I love pushing the limits with my music and my performances and this partnership is going to take things to a new and exciting level, it’s a high-tech project that combines Jaguar music and technology, and I know that my fans will love it. What we are creating together, I am so excited that my first car will be the I-PACE and to be a pioneer for the new electric generation” said Dua Lipa, the musical artist.

And that’s not all, the British singer has collaborated with Jaguar to create a song that allows thousands of different versions. ‘Want To’ is a theme created with the software of the brand so that each user can remix it based on their driving data. That is, the basis of the theme will have one rhythm or another depending on the attitude of the driver. The intelligent sensors of the car capture the energy consumed, the way to accelerate, to brake and the driving method to create a different track each time. Technology and personalisation at its best!