Italian luxury and French luxury: allies or rivals?

Italian luxury and French luxury: allies or rivals?

I am an Italian living in Paris. French and Italians don’t like each other and to be completely honest they never have.

I guess it is because they are geographically too close and way too similar in terms of personality. Unfortunately, this kind of similarity is not the good and healthy one but much more the one where you can’t stand someone who has the exact same flaws as you. Also, that 2006 World Cup didn’t help and believe me when I say I still get remarks about it to this day, even if I don’t watch football and never talk about it.

As if this wasn’t bad enough already, I study luxury. This means that there is always a subtle and unspoken rivalry for which country has the best luxury brands.

To be honest, I think the answer is both and neither of them. This means that both countries have an incredible history in terms of fashion and luxury and a beautiful, strong heritage to apply to it. Sometimes the stories are similar, sometimes they are very different, but the point is that there should be no winner.
Luxury brands are beautiful things, and like everything beautiful they are fragile and we must care for them. So Italy and France should not fight over them and who is the best but unite over the shared passion for quality and beauty and make sure their brands are protected and celebrated the way they deserve to be.


Francesca Policastro

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