The art of handcrafting shoes

The art of handcrafting shoes

It takes more than a man and a piece of leather to make the perfect pair of luxury shoes.

Whether they’re being made in France, Italy or somewhere else in the world, the art of handcrafting shoes is a precious and long process, that only the best can master. The art of handcrafting luxury shoes is all about the “savoir-faire”.

In fact, it can take up to ten months to come up with the final product, and the thorough hands to 120 workers. Machines are prohibited in this process, or sometimes can be used to help finish certain aspects of the shoes.


Luxury houses follow techniques that are, for the most of them, more than a hundred years old. They convey the passion it takes for an artisan to spend hours and hours working with their hands.

Although, the quality of a good luxury pair of shoes is not limited to the talent of the shoe maker. In fact, the materials used, such as leather, are rigorously selected, in the best range available.


Luxury houses stay true to themselves, to their identity and their core activity.

Crafting shoes is more than a job: it is a passion, a satisfaction for a well done job, for high quality product, and a need to pass on values and brand DNA.


Watch the video below to find out how the luxury shoes from Weston are crafted.


Margaux Bogdan

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