Isabelle Marant, creator of wedge sneakers

Isabelle Marant, creator of wedge sneakers

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Who would of thought that sneakers would become such an iconic piece in Fashion.

Indeed, nowadays everybody owns at least one pair of them. Known for not just being comfortable but they can even bring out casuel chicness in people’s outfits.

We can deeply thank Isabelle Marant for their struck revival. She has changed the way on how we consider these, originally called « athletic shoes » by bringing out wedge sneakers. An intelligent way for women to still stay confortable while being on heels.

How did she manage to come up with this revolutionary idea ? It was actually during the young days of the designer where she would cut up cork pieces and insert them into her sneakers in order to appear taller.

Isabelle marant remebered this funny anecdote and didn’t hesistate to acheive something around this.


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