Is the mass luxury possible ?

Is the mass luxury possible ?

Firstly we need to define luxury. Professor James Twitchell of the University of Florida told us : “Old time luxury has to do with rarity. Now, one person’s luxury can be another person’s commodity. Luxury is a sensation.’’
Moreover, we can see that luxury brands sold more and more affordable luxury goods like sunglasses, perfume…
Those over-developed entry-level offerings, diluted their brand’s luxury status.

Luxury means exclusivity, rarity. Exeptional and tradition.

However, people are mistakenly using the word “luxury” to cover different realities, mixing genres that do not yet meet the same operating rules.
Some brands, which are considered as « entry-level » of luxury, sold many luxury goods to affordable prices. As Lancel, Chloé…

We lost a little bit the sense of exclusivity, because the common target is able to buy it.
That’s why having « luxury items »is more common nowadays. It can be called « mass-luxury ».

Every social group has a different kind of luxury. It means that Hermes is in some cases no luxury where a phone is highly exclusive.



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