Is New Nordic movement redefining luxury foods?

Is New Nordic movement redefining luxury foods?

Often, when we think or read about luxury foods, things like truffles dipped in gold or almost ridiculously extravagant ingredients come to mind. But in times when oranges from Africa have travelled more than people who buy them, the meaning of luxury foods are changing. It is the case especially for a growing number of chefs in the Nordic countries. In their hands local, fresh and simple foods become luxury. And their point of view is gaining more and more followers.

Local and luxury

This way of approaching gastronomy is sometimes called “new Nordic,” although some chefs from the region prefer the broader label “authentic cuisine.” Instead of rare, exotic and expensive ingredients or stunts like gold or diamond decorations, “new Nordic” emphasizes on local, fresh ingredients and meticulous, passionate work in preparing them. Today, most “new Nordic” chefs define luxury as what is in season, what is typical for the area, often grown in their own gardens and farms. In these restaurants less is more and simple is luxury.


Nadina Elekse