Is it good for Chanel to make co-branding?

Is it good for Chanel to make co-branding?

When it comes to Chanel, what would you think about? Handbags, shoes or cosmetic? But how about a Chanel Headphones? Nowadays, there are more companies start to use different brand strategies to attract customer’s attention, such as “co-branding”. Companies from different fields work together to design a new product, but the question is: Will co-branding bring negative images to the brand?



Since September 2014, Chanel cooperated with Monster to launch a “Chanel x Monster Headphone”. When the product appeared on the Paris fashion show last year, it brought strong reaction from the Chanel fans. Co-branding can bring benefits to the company because it can enhance the brand awareness through the advantages of different companies, and also can attraction customer’s attention.



Hsu Ya Han

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