Is Dentistry a Luxury Thing ?

Is Dentistry a Luxury Thing ?

Some people would not mind a brighter or straighter smiles, it is almost impossible to find someone who enjoys visiting the dentist even just for cleaning procedure. We often hear people say “Your smile is the first thing that people, from the outside, can see from the inside of you, and how you take care of your self.” For those who are regularly going to the dentist it is indeed can be considered costly. But how costly is it?


Start from the orthodontic treatment as known as braces. This treatment can cost you around $4,750 and up. Some people might think it is only a cosmetic procedure but this orthodontic treatment also serves a health purpose. The next one would be Root Canals. This procedure much like installing crowns, and the price of this procedure can cost you around $650 – $918 for a single procedure.

While some people wouldn’t mind to go extreme by spending a lot of money to achieve that “movie-star smile”. The path to these looks depends on how much the patient can pay. Either you want to be straight, white and perfect: Teeth are positioned perfectly aligned, light color, very symmetrical, like actress Halle Berry’s, or you want to be clean, healthy and natural: Teeth are positioned perfectly, but the color is more natural, just like Sarah Jessica Parker’s.

Many dentists recommend services such as veneers (porcelain covers placed over the fronts of teeth) which is very costly between $1,000 and $3,000 per tooth. And for the straightening, which can be done with Inconspicuous Invisalign braces that costs around $10,000 for a full moth.

Do you think Dentistry is a Luxury thing? Yes or not, it is indeed very costly. Even though you are willing to pay, it’s a good idea to do a little research because everything has a side effect. You don’t want any reason not to smile and show off those pearly whites or off-whites teeth.

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