Is Chanel No5 in Danger of Extinction?

Is Chanel No5 in Danger of Extinction?

There will hardly ever be a perfume as iconic as Chanel No5. The fragrance created by the maison’s founder, Coco Chanel, along with Ernest Beaux, is one of the best sellers still today. Immortalized by Marilyn Monroe in the pass and with many muses as its égérie, among them Gisele Bündchen.



New smoother fragrances have been launched derived from No5’s notes, like Coco, No5 Eau Première e most recently, No5 l’Eau with Lily-Rose Depp as its ambassador. All of these fragrances are produced at the Institute Grasse, which belongs to the maison.

Some time ago, a proposal for creating a center for residues near the flower fields that are used in the production of the perfumes had threatened the future of the laboratory. With the abandonment of the project, Chanel has expanded and increased protection of their flower fields, so far.



A railroad company may be putting in risk the future of the No5 line of perfumes. The French railroad company, Southern, has plans to build a viaduct over the fields of flower used in the execution of the fragrances. If this happens, Chanel has already said, in an open letter, that they will close down the Institute, without giving any clarification about the future of the house’s leading fragrances.



For each 300ml of Chanel No5 it takes 1.000 jasmines and a dozen of roses, all cultivated in these fields. The French house has declared that ‘the construction of a viaduct and the constant passage of a high-speed train over the flower fields will push the company to stop its support to artisanal activities in the region. The flower that are collected there are unique and exceptional, and indispensable in the production of the Chanel fragrances’.

What’s left of these news is the uncertainty for the millions of clients that praise the iconic perfumes of Chanel.




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