Is celebrity marketing necessary in luxury ad campaigns?

Is celebrity marketing necessary in luxury ad campaigns?

The pairing of a (preferably) beloved celebrity and a famous luxury house has become a very common strategy for almost every advertising/communication campaign in the last decades.


Some of the very famous and iconic pairings of a celebrity and a luxury brand are the following: Audrey Hepburn for Givenchy, Elizabeth Taylor for Bulgari, or Keira Knightley for Chanel. Luxury houses are willing to invest big amounts of money to get the right person to promote their products. Allegedly, Tiffany & Co. paid 750,000 $ to Anne Hathaway to wear the jewels when she hosted the Oscars.


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The pairing of celebrities and luxury houses represent however two sides of a coin.


People behind communication strategy in luxury houses know that to pair a celebrity that perfectly matches the brand’s DNA results into a win win situation. Not only clients can identify the brand easier through (conscious or unconscious) association, but this can also significantly boost the company’s sales.




On the other hand, in today’s world we see more and more non-models, non-actresses advertising a luxury product such as Kim Kardashian for Balmain. One must be careful with choosing celebrities with a scandalous background because if the chosen celebrity does not match the brand in the eyes of the consumers, the campaign can very easily backfire.


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