Introduction of Cartier Fondation

Introduction of Cartier Fondation

Nowadays, most of luxury brands have their own foundations, sponsoring the development of contemporary art rather than selling the products of brand. Cartier is the pioneer of this approach. In 1980, Alain Dominique Perrin, president of Cartier International foresaw that contemporary art will be an important way of conveying the situation and thought of contemporary society, thus deciding to sponsor the development of contemporary art. Through many years of coordination, Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art finally set up in 1984. It not only holds lots of exhibitions around the world but also has a great number of collections of works of art.


More importantly, it led the French government adopted a decree on legalizing commercial sponsorship.These Foundations of luxury brands look for works of art around the world, supporting the creation of artists. Their contributions not only make a great promotion on combining business and art but also enhance their brand image!



Wang Yi Chen


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