Interview with MAC cosmetics employee Estée

Interview with MAC cosmetics employee Estée

MAC cosmetics was launched in March 1984 in Toronto by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. The duo was frustrated by the lack of make-up that photographed well, so they decided to created their own professional make-up brand. MAC celebrates diversity and individuality, they are for all ages, genders and races (MAKE-UP ART COSMETICS, 2018).

I spoke with MAC cosmetics employee Estée, who works at a MAC store in the Netherlands, about what makes the brand special and what the make-up trends for Holiday season are.


  1. What is different when you look at MAC, according to other make-up brands?

MAC is a professional, high quality make-up brand available for everyone. Even a 14 year old girl will be able to buy some make-up from MAC, because it is not as expensive as by example Chanel make-up, but it really has (maybe even more) quality as Chanel. MAC also makes collaborations with by example Rihanna, where they will create together a limited edition collection. We not only sell ‘comment’ products and colours, but we have a huge palette of different products and colours so everyone will find their perfect product. By example, we offer lipsticks in every colour of the rainbow, with different finishes.


  1. What do you think of the Christmas collection 2018?

I love it! We have a lot of different, beautiful products in our new Holiday collection. A lot of lipsticks, shimmery eyeshadow, such as contour and highlight palettes. The products will come in a gorgeous limited packaging. We also offer gift sets in a really cute, Christmas make-up bag.


  1. What are the make-up trends this year for Holiday season?

This is maybe not specially for this year, but red lips will work great, same as nude shades. But besides that, bright pink shades are also very popular this year and you can definitely wear these kind of colours during Christmas. For the face, we will see natural glowing skin, with a beautiful touch of highlighter. On the eyes, it is all about the shimmer! Make your eyes shine and stand out with one of the new shimmery eyeshadows!


Visit one of the MAC stores or counters to find out what kind of look will fit perfectly by you during Holiday season! You can also shop 24/7 online at

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Written by: Daphne Lamberts