Interview with Dietetic student Inge

Interview with Dietetic student Inge

22 year old Dutch girl Inge is a dietetic student. While holiday season is right in front the corner, I thought it might be interesting to have some tips about how we can stay as healthy as possible during this Holiday season. How will you manage to still fit in your Christmas dress during all those meals? I asked Inge for some tips!


Tip #1: Portion control

‘The first tip I can give is: portion control. You do not have to eat that whole piece of cake or meat, you can better pick a smaller piece or share your piece with someone else. When you do this, you can still try and eat everything you like, but you will get less calories than when you will eat everything in big portion.’


Tip #2: Walk between the meals

‘Second tip: make a walk together with family member between the meals. You will feel better because the fresh air is good for you, and your body will also burn some calories during walking. And if you are a really fit family: you can even go for a run between the meals. Make a competition for it: who will be the fastest?’


Tip #3: Be creative with vegetables

‘During autumn and winter, nature offers a great assortment of delicious vegetables. What about pumpkin? You can make a lot of different delicious dishes using pumpkin. But also sweet potato, mushrooms, broccoli, etc: delicious and healthy. So put a lot of veggies on your plate. It taste very good and it is a lot better for your body than only eat meat and carbs.’


But also: enjoy this time of the year! With this 3 little tips, you can control your health a bit better during all the meals, but also enjoy, that is also important for your mental health. If you really want to eat that pie: just do it! (but maybe not that huge piece your granny will offer you, haha)


Written by: Daphne Lamberts