Interview with an employee of Pierre Hermé

Interview with an employee of Pierre Hermé

First a little bit of history about Pierre Herme. Pierre Herme was born 20 November 1961 and at the age of fourteen he began his career at Gaston Lenôtre as an intern. He created his own brand in 1998 together with Charles Znaty. The first boutique was opened in Tokio in 1998. The first boutique in Paris opened in 2001. In 2016 he received the title for World’s Best Pastry Chef.

What are the best sold products?
We do not have only one product which we sell the most. But in general, the macarons and the Ispahan, a little pastry of raspberries and sweet rose cream.

How many sorts of macarons do you sell?
Well, we have very special macarons. Nobody knows how much sorts macarons we make, because we are so exclusive and some things we have to keep it secret. Haha. Also it depends per season. Every season we make new macarons. You can also buy it in boxes, it is a very nice gift for example Christmas. This season we have 16 sorts of different macarons. My favorite is the one with hazelnuts and Foie Gras.

What do you think about Ladurée?
Ladurée is a very big store which is very famous for the macarons. But I think it is very commercial. The design of the story is pretty typical. I am not saying they are not selling good products, because yes, of course they are. But I think we are more focused on quality than they are.

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