Interview Luxury Perfumery Douglas with employee Laura

Interview Luxury Perfumery Douglas with employee Laura


Perfumery Douglas is with more than 1700 stores in 19 different countries one of Europe its largest branch company on the European cosmetic market (Wikipedia, 2018). In 1910, Douglas her first store opened in Hamburg. From origins, Douglas is a German perfume detail business. Besides Douglas her own brand, Douglas Collection, they offer a huge assortment of perfume, make-up and skincare from brands like Chanel, Dior, Shiseido, La Prairie, La Mer, Bobbi Brown and Benefit. I spoke with employee Laura, who works in a Douglas store in the Netherlands, about products, customer behavior and social media.


  1. How long do you work at Douglas?

For almost 4 year now.


  1. Which category/product is most selling at the moment?

That is a difficult question… Christmas season is coming and it will be colder and colder, so we see there is more interest to skincare, to protect the skin during the cold winter days, which is very important. But also in perfume, mostly people come to the store this time of the year to buy a fragrance for his/her partner/mother/father/brother/sister etc. And also the make-up. Because everyone wants to look their best during Christmas days. Brands launching beautiful limited editions Christmas make-up collections now, with a lot of gold and pretty shimmer, a lot of customers like that. So this time of the year, every category we sell is popular.


  1. Does social media have influence in what sells good or not?

Absolutely. If a influencer post a picture on Instagram wearing a beautiful red Chanel lipstick, and she mentioned that, there will be much more ask from our customers to that specific lipstick. And also on blogs of vlogs, what influencers recommend, will sell, but when influencers do not like a product, it might sell less. So instead of a customer comes to the store to ask what will look good on her or not, nowadays more often they bring a picture of products they have seen online and just ask: I would like this and this and this. Sometimes, without even trying on their own face.


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Written by: Daphne Lamberts