Interview in Swarovski store, Madeleine Paris

Interview in Swarovski store, Madeleine Paris

Swarovski is a Austrian company since 1895, founded by Daniel Swarovski, Armand Kosman and Franz Weis (Wikipedia, 2018). Swarovski his core business is jewellery, made with beautiful crystals. They also sell watches, figurines, accessories and decorations. Swarovski has 150 stores near Paris, 57 in Paris. I went to the store, located at Place de la Madeleine in the 8th arrondissement, to ask some questions to Laurent (employee) about Swarovski the brand and about the Madeleine store.


  1. How long does this store exist?

This store is here for 5 years now.


  1. What makes this store special according to other Swarovski stores?

This is a flagship store. We sell all the collections here, you can find anything you want. We sell even a men’s collection in this store, which you cannot find in every other store. Customers prefer this store above the store at the Champs Elysee because we have everything here and it is less buzzy than the store at the Champs Elysee.


  1. Who are the core clients in this store?

Mostly Parisian people, and also some tourist because this spot is a popular shopping area for tourists (it is near by shoppingmalls like Galerie Lafayette and Printemps). Right now there is a lot of rebuilding in the street, we notice that there are less customers now than normal, we think this is because of the rebuilding and holes in the ground in front of the store.


  1. What is the most selling product in this store?

Earrings are most popular. Swarovski launched also a new collection a few weeks ago, the Remix collection, and this collection is also very good selling. But overall in the last 5 years I can say the most selling product in this store are earrings.


The store is looking beautiful, with a lot of shine and crystals. You can visit this store from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 till 19:30. Or you can shop online 24/7 at


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Written by: Daphne Lamberts