Interview in Gucci store P.C. Hooftstraat, Amsterdam with employee Iris

Interview in Gucci store P.C. Hooftstraat, Amsterdam with employee Iris

Gucci is an Italian Luxury fashion brand, created in 1921 by Guccio Gucci (Wikipedia, 2018). They have for woman, men and also children a great collection of bags, clothing, shoes, accessories, watches and jewellery, home collection and beauty. In 2017, Gucci was the most search Luxury brand online and also most selling luxury brand (Prant, 2018). Millennials nowadays are more than half of Gucci his customers, Gucci is really popular by this generation. I spoke with employee Iris to find out more about the store in Amsterdam and what the most selling products are.


  1. Who are the core clients in this store?

We see a lot of tourist from all over the world. But we also see a lot of Dutch customers who come here more often. Or Dutch customers who we will see not that often. So the customers are very various.


  1. What are the most selling products in the store?

Bags. We have actually a lot of products which sell very well, like the belts and shoes, but the bags are I think most popular. And I can understand, because aren’t they beautiful? I like to see a lot of GG logo bags on the street and on social media these days, you can see Gucci is growing in popularity.


  1. Do you also recognise that growth in store?

Yes we do. We see more customers and also the sales numbers are going up. So that is good for us, and also more fun to work because it would be boring if I would stand the whole day in a store without helping a customer. Now I have enough to do every day, which I really like.


Shop online 24/7 at or visit the store in Amsterdam every Monday to Saturday from 10:00 till 18:00.


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Written by: Daphne Lamberts