Interview Beauty Specialist Denise

Interview Beauty Specialist Denise

21 year old Dutch girl Denise graduated as beauty specialist one year ago. After that, she started her own salon to offer excellent service to her clients at her home salon. I spoke with Denise about beauty and her salon.


  1. Do you already have a big client list at the moment?

Slowly but certainly, my agenda is fuller and fuller. When I started my own business, the first months were hard. I did not have a huge client list, I only had clients like for 2 hours a day. But now, one year further, I have a good client list and my week is full.


  1. What is the most asked treatment?

Massages are always popular. I also set gel-nails, a lot of clients love that. And for the younger generation, eyebrow treatments or hydrating skin treatments are popular. For the older generation, a good peeling, anti-age mask serum and cream with a face massage is very popular. So it is different according to age and skin status. Every skin has other needs so I look at every person individual and offer the best service specially for her or him.


  1. Do you have some skincare & make-up tips we need to know?

For the skin: always cleanse your face before you go to bed, it is a must. And after that, use a moisturizer which will fit by your skin type. Also before you put on make-up in the morning, always use moisturizer before your make-up. For the make-up I believe: less is more. A comment mistake is too dark foundation. This looks not so good, mostly in daylight. So find your perfect shade which match your skin tone, and if you want to create a little more colour, do that after the foundation with a bit of bronzer or blush. This looks way more natural than putting on a foundation which is shades too dark.


Treat yourself and just go to a beauty specialist. Maybe he or she can give you some important tips you never thought of before, and you will learn more about your own skin and what it needs so you can take maximum care of yourself!


Written by: Daphne Lamberts