Internationalization of Potel & Chabot

Internationalization of Potel & Chabot

Potel et Chabot, the prestigious catering in Paris know a great internationalization since few years.

This house of the French gastronomy aspiring to became the must-catering all over the world.

Since 1990, Potel et Chabot is present in the Middle East where it organises prestigious events for major companies and local or expatriate individuals throughout the Middle East.

As a country like Geneva, where the gastronomy and the art of the table is essential, is the natural choice for Potel et Chabot to establish itself in January 2012.

In March 2013 Potel et Chabot established itself in Shanghai, and from there is now radiating across all of Asia.

It was during the World Cup football, In June 2014, that Potel et Chabot inaugurated its Brazil office on Sao Paulo.

This is the beginning of a great internationalization of a French house !



Aurore Wehling


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