Millennials seek their opportunity to become influencers

Millennials seek their opportunity to become influencers

 Generation Z  lifestyle is based on the addictive abuse of social networks as a public showcase.

Due to the current influence of many people on social networks, brands have modernized and have abandoned traditional formats to influence this new market. What draws people’s attention is the ideal of perfect life that is shown in many of the profiles. So the brands have decided to have these profiles to promote their products, have their own ambassadors and create around these a brand ideology.

The sectors that take advantage of this situation are the travel agencies, they choose a group of influencers with great impact on the networks and prepare an incredible trip with the only condition that they promote it in their networks. They also interact a lot with the user avoiding trips. Also many fashion brands have been introduced in social networks and brands that previously did´t belong to such a young target, thanks to them they have been able to make a very important hole.


So it is a very striking profession because who does not like to travel for free to the best places and the best hotels? In the same way as having the opportunity to wear luxury brand clothing, which you probably could not otherwise wear.

It is for this reason that social networks are full of people trying to reach the maximum number of followers and engagement, which translates into the total number of interactions of a publication (likes, comments, etc.).

Ángela Paredes

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