Industry Profile: Sarah Andelman of Colette

Industry Profile: Sarah Andelman of Colette



Colette is one of the most iconic concept stores throughout the world, perhaps even the leader of the pack, as it’s inspired numerous similar stores throughout the world. Of course we all know Colette for the store’s eclectic mix of merchandise, along with designer collaborations with items like blue dotted Brides De Gala Hermès scarves to exclusive Pharrell Williams x Laduree peanut butter macarons.




But who is the mastermind behind Colette? It’s none other than Sarah Andelman, Creative Director and founder of Colette as of 1997. Here’s a quick synopsis on the French woman who’s not shy when it comes to making headlines.


The former art student and Purple magazine intern named the store after her mother, Colette Roussaux.


Andelman is a poised writer; you can find her occasionally writing pieces for


Inspired by film, she draws inspiration from movies and TV series including Charlie’s Angels, House of Cards, Dexter, and Mad Men.


What has made her successful? Work, work, and more work. Never give up.


To discover the world of Colette and Sarah Andelman, pop over to the brick-and-mortar store on Rue Saint-Honoré or the store’s e-shop.


Vanessa Monson


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