The importance of having a clear message: the Chanel case

The importance of having a clear message: the Chanel case

Whether you are an established luxury brand, a small niche one or you are thinking of building your own brand, there is one thing you must put a lot of attention into: the brand narrative.

Studying brand management you will lear that a brand narrative can be authentic or altered to different degrees but what is always true is that it has to be coherent. Not paying enough attention to the narrative of your brand can have serious consequences.

This is the case of one of the most iconic brand in the luxury universe: Chanel.

Madame Gabrielle is such an iconic figure, the brand is so known and its history is so long that it seemed infallible. Still, the lack of attention put into the message they spread caused more than one problem.

The biggest one was given by the fact that rival brands started using concepts which actually belong to Chanel as their own, for the sole reason that Chanel itself just was not considering them. It is what happened with Guerlain and Dior.

Guerlian is a luxury beauty brand. When they decided to prepare the ground for their venture in fashion, they created La Petite Robe Noir, a new fragrances whose narrative was entirely based on the iconic Little Black Dress, which was actually created my Madame Gabrielle Chanel herself.

The same happened with Dior. To fight the competition their fragrances were facing against the iconic Chanel N.5, they decided to promote their J’Adore Dior using Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn passed away long before J’Adore came out and in reality she was a huge fan of Chanel n.5 but Chanel itself was not using this narrative, giving Dior the chance to take it.

After this happened, it was not easy for Chanel to reclaim the story back, as people thought they had lied about it and Dior was telling the truth.


Francesca Policastro

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