Idle in the lap of luxury at the Bulgari Hotel, Bali

Idle in the lap of luxury at the Bulgari Hotel, Bali

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An article from Star online reveals the increasingly important of Asia hotel market: The Bulgari hotel which had a good location in Bali brings luxury clients awesome experiences. There are equipped with beach club for clients to lay on a deck chair, enjoy the view, feel the wind and listen to the sounds of wave, 300 square meter guest rooms with private garden, pool and living room, and contemporary design integrated with Balinese culture and natural elements. Bulgari villas are also constructed and furnished with hand-cut, exotic and refined materials. When entering the hotel/villa, the medieval like reception comes first, then comes a spa which Bulgari conveys its idea of relaxing with style in the center of the hotel/villa, clients can enjoy their international dinner cooked by famous chefs with refined interior design, and beautiful view of sunsets. In addition to vacation, Bulgari hotel provides business rooms and chapels for business and newly-wed customers.


Chien Chen Liu