I don’t like Chanel…no, I don’t like Karl Lagerfeld!

I don’t like Chanel…no, I don’t like Karl Lagerfeld!


Everything is in the title right? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i hate Karl Lagerfeld. I just hate his image, his public image. i mean he is everywhere, from historical tv programs to galerie Lafayette christmas windows.  The limit can be quite thin between a designer and the brand he works with. When we think about Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel looms in our mind. We just forget that he also works for Eres for example. His eponymous brand is covered of his face, so of course we can’t forget who is the designer.

Here I am talking about fashion designer, but I see the same problem with product designers. Philippe Starck is a famous french designer. You can find his signature on your free box for example. He is also the creator of the ghost chair, loved by fashionistas.He was one of  those product designers who use theirs names as a real brand.

In the cases of Karl Lagerfeld and Philippe Starck, the designer become a brand himself, but this can also disavantaged his work.Do a designer want to be famous for his personality  as an individu or for the  products he creates?

When it comes to communication it seems hard to find the right balance for some designers.

I usually find myself knowing the furniture without remembering the designer; sometimes of course, the design is so different and particular that you remember both. Usually for product designer, the brand is the designer and his work, which is totally different in fashion. Brands stay and designers change. This must be quite intense and stressful also for them, it makes me think of soccer football players transfer! We all waited to know which designer will be at the head of Louis Vuittton when Marc Jacobs left; and of course, when Nicolas Ghesquière quitted Balenciaga, the nomination of Alexander Wang was an event. It was the same a few months ago for Dior , John Galliano and Raf Simons.

At which point can the designer image harm the brand image and change our perception of it?


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