How to behave for a high class dinner?

How to behave for a high class dinner?

When you are starving and want a quick bite, you go to McDonald’s or a diner. When you want an upscale dining experience, you go to an expensive restaurant. And there is a few rules that you have to follow to no be seen as a freak.


A few facts : how to hold a glass of wine or Champagne, how to make a toast, how to use a napkin and different kinds of cutlery, the proper way to sit, who walks through a door first and who sits down at the table first. Going to a high-end restaurant can be an unforgettable experience but going to one for dinner can be intimidating.

What to wear? Certain establishments do require men to wear a jacket and tie, so always check the website or call ahead to find out what the dress code is, if any. Feel free to wear whatever makes you comfortable.

For the wine? The best thing to do is to look up the list online and make your choices in advance when there’s more time for research and reflection.

How to Behave : There is a few steretoype about rated restaurants,  you should never feel uncomfortable. Act like you would in any restaurant because a really good restaurant should be welcoming to customers, you shouldn’t have to behave in a way that you wouldn’t normally.


Now you are ready to feel this amazing experience.

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