How Technology Is Changing Fashion

How Technology Is Changing Fashion


Everything started in 1440, when Johannes Gutenberg created Printing Press. Thanks to that, the print could spread faster and in the bigger number of copies. The legendary magazine, which settle trends nowadays was published for the first time in 1892. It allowed communicate new trends, create new topics among the society. Fashion became important and interest many readers.

The next great step in the fashion industry was the internet. Internet brought many kinds of technology, allowing people follow the new fashion shows, watch their favorite magazines online. This made also a base to create blogs, social media. The bloggers started to be famous and show the trends influencing how the streets of big cities were looking like.

Living in 21st century means that people are surrounded by the technology.
Nowadays around 35% of world’s population has access to the internet (2014). The Facebook is considered almost as a country with the population reaching 1,49 billion users in 2015.  Did you think, how the technology affects fashion and the people’s behaviors?




Social Media

Presence on the Social Media nowadays is must have for the fashion companies. Most of them have FaceBook page, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+. People are able to reach brands, see the content. What is important is the fact, that brand try to communicate with clients, telling a story about the product and putting entertaining content. It became also very common to create customers engagement via numerous of social media contests – mini websites, games, content customer creation etc. Facebook opened also a door for many young designers and little companies. Thank to FB they can share with people their product and also have a feedback from them. It allows also to promote a brand with the Facebook Ads, what gives them possibly better visibility among others.

Twitter is very specific medium. That social media is used mostly to put important information. The feature live posting is very important with Twitter. It helps fashion brands keeping customers up to date, what is going on around, within the brand. It allows also to have immediate feedback from the customers.

The Instagram is becoming more popular. It is said to be the most engaging medium. The specify of the Instagram is the fact, there are celebrities putting almost private pictures of them. Millions of people follow profiles of them. Thanks to the ability of #hashtags and @taging other profile on the picture many brands became very popular instantly. The fact that celebrities are putting some clothes, making picture and showing, which brand it is, is sufficient to grow popularity of the a brands. Companies are aware of that, that is why trend of brand ambassadors, product testing and advertisement in discreet way is very popular. Instagram created phenomena of influencers.

Presence on social media of luxury brands is very dangerous. They have to create a good content in order to not loose its image. The luxury is about story telling. That is way, often on the luxury brands profiles, except of the posts, there is something hidden behind.

Mobile applications means shopping faster.

Thanks to the many mobile applications nowadays people are able to shop faster. There are a few great examples. The popular practice is the live fashion show streaming with the possibility of buying products from the runway. Few years ago, especially is luxury, it was impossible to have some items just after fashion show. Nowadays thanks to the technology, purchase during the fashion show is possible.

Mobile applications use the technologies like: push notifications, geolocalisation, geofencing, payment economization. Thanks to all there features the purchase experience become more spontaneous and faster. People tend to spend more money like that.


Connected objects

The connected fashion is the future. The first example can be iWatch, which tends to be presented as a luxury item. The watch becomes connected to our smartphone. Technology become wearable and what is more – beautiful. Ralph Lauren prepared a textile, which enhance the sport performance. Thanks to the tracking system, people are able to see the muscles movements and follow the on live in their smartphones. This allow to see if the sport exercises are done well and help to increase performance.

Many more brands create the connected textiles and objects. This is the trend of the future.

the apple watch
3D printing

The 3d printing technology start to be commonly used in the fashion. The most known designer using this method is Iris van Harpen. Her fashion shows are spectacular and items incredibly beautiful. She presents her work during for example Parish Fashion Shows. Even the luxurious brand like Dom Perignon created the advertisement with Anja Rubik wearing Iris van Harpen dresses. The next example could be the wearable lingerie thanks to Lidewij van Twillert or New Balance 3D printed midsoles in the running shoes.




Olga Oplotna

Olga Oplotna

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