How Net-a-Porter is Shaping the Luxury Industry

How Net-a-Porter is Shaping the Luxury Industry


Established by Natalie Massenet back in 2000, Net-a-Porter has grown to be one of the leading online destinations for fashion e-commerce. The website, which is meant to mimic the style of a fashion magazine, gives customers the latest luxury items straight from the runway. Yes, all 2.5 million viewers per month.




Net-a-Porter is doing so well that the online fashion retailer has done something that’s shaken up the fashion publication industry—they’ve launched their own magazine entitled, Porter. Surprisingly, it’s already rivaling the “fashion bible” many fashionistas know and love, Vogue.


NET-A-PORTER.COM Holiday Gift Guide - Model


Besides that, the company also has other spinoffs: The Outnet, Mr. Porter, and Net-a-Sporter, all which have easily found success. Stay tuned for what’s next with the innovative business set to make more headlines all while keeping the luxury industry on its toes.


Vanessa Monson


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