How is made an Hermès Kelly Bag?

How is made an Hermès Kelly Bag?

Inspired by Grace of Monaco, the Kelly Bag of Hermes is an emblematic product of the prestigious french brand, master in the crafmanship of leather goods.

Very classy and elegant, the kelly bag is timeless, a icon of french luxury.

A Kelly bag costs between 4000 and 68 000 euros, to justify such an outrageously high price, the Hermes House, communicates a lot about the quality of its iconic bag and the prestige that it represents. Theses bags are entirely handmade, in France, by craftsmen who works the most beautiful pieces of leather with precision and passion. It takes more than 20 hours to create a Kelly Bag, a very few people are able to do it, that is why it is produced in such a few numbers and why it takes so long to get one. To make it exclusive. 

Manon Cattaneo

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