How did fashion played an important role in women emancipation?

How did fashion played an important role in women emancipation?

During centuries, women have been wearing clothes they did not really chose, following what they had to wear according to their social background, very often wearing uncomfortable clothes such as corset, that sometime impeach them to breathe normally. The rules were very strict and could not be changed in any cases. A respectable woman should not show her legs, should not were pants… The way they had to dress was quit representative of the way they should behave, they were not really free, and unfortunately, often had to obey their father, then husband, they were not the master of their lives choices. However, at the beginning of the 20st century, fashion houses and designers played an important role during women’s emancipation, getting along with the changes that were starting to be seen in their lives. Coco Chanel, who made the first pants for woman, made a little revolution in their everyday life, Yves Saint Laurent as well, with the first tuxedos made for women and in the sixties, the miniskirt, invented by Courrèges, really shows how women were starting to get free to wear what they want and to do what they want of their bodies.

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