How Clarins is using WeChat, Baidu and Tmall to expand in China

How Clarins is using WeChat, Baidu and Tmall to expand in China


How to use digital tool well to help make a good brand awareness in customer’s mind? Especially in china, where have their own search engine, social network and exclusive on line shopping market. Clarins did a good performance, she used Wechat, Baidu and Tmall separately to create a bright image in people’s mind

Compare to Western, product are usually sold through company sales team not through distributors in Asia. So it’s very important to hurl people have good opinion of salespersons.

The first thing need to do is make a chance to let people enter into Clarins’s shop to experience their service. Clarins used Weibo and Wechat to send a sample experience ticket to people to create a buzz. People can tell other people this events and then they can collect a free sample by their choice at the store if they registered with Clarins. Through this opportunity Sales team can also tell people how to use the product and give them a good impression.


Clarins also join the Tmall market which is the second on line market in china and will hold a lot of popular event for Chinese people. It’s a good way to help brand entered in to consumer life.  Clarins did had a three-day event tied into Woman’s day which a popular event in china. And it is really work , make their profit grew.