These houses that master digitalcraft

These houses that master digitalcraft

Augmented reality has become one of the most wanted digital effects in the communication and marketing industry. Luxury is not an exception.

Though luxury has always been a bit shy about technologic innovations and digital improvements in their service and product offers, this world is opening to new horizons.

In order to improve their customer service in store, fashion prestigious brands such as Dior and Tommy Hilfiger adopted augmented reality.

As surprising as it may sound, Dior did not only use it in an app to help their clientele choose which cosmetic product would be better for them. The brand actually created its own virtual reality glasses, the Dior Eyes. This creation is on the market since June 2015! The device was also created with a 3D headphone, and allows the clientele to hear and see fashion shows backstage.

Tommy Hilfiger used this technology in store to make their customers experience the new collection presentation as if they were in the middle of Central Park.

Augmented reality is now mostly used by brands to improve their clientele’s experience in store and allow them to discover the brand on another scope. They can discover the products through this technology, experience backstage visits and new collections’ presentations.


Jezabel Sarrotte

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