Hôtel Salé. Picasso’s Museum.

Hôtel Salé. Picasso’s Museum.

  1. At the age of 19 Pablo Picasso arrived to Paris. His aim: conquer the world. And this is what he did.

The city of Paris took an important role in the work of Pablo Picasso.

Picasso lived in different places of Paris where he got the most of its inspiration. He stayed at first in Montmartre where Modern art was born. Later he moved to Montparnasse, and then to the Chateau de Boisgeloup. It was at la rue des Grands Augustins where he created “Guernica”.

However, the big tribute to Picasso nowadays in Paris is the Hôtel Salé, which was turned into the Picasso’s Museum, at the heart of Le Marais, one of the most vibrant quartiers at Paris.

This building has been described as “the grandest, most extraordinary, if not the most extravagant, of the grand Parisian houses of the 17th century”.

There you can find more than 200 paintings, 150 sculptures, ceramics, draws as well as engravings of the artist.

It was inaugurated in 1985, and here you can also different pieces of the private Picasso’s collection of Matisse, Miró or Derain as well as  Cezanne, Rousseau or Degas.


Alicia Queralt

Alicia QUeralt


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