Hotel President Wilson. The most expensive hotel in the world

Hotel President Wilson. The most expensive hotel in the world



When it comes to most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world the Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson in Switzerland, always stay on top following its exclusive services and offering which are truly unforgettable and if one is able to spend night that person keen to stay more and more.




Pennies for the ultra-wealthy, this suite will tax you $67,000 per evening, and is pegged as the most expensive hotel room in the world. Though it cost and its week expensive able someone to buy an average house but the lavish way of life at Penthouse Suite you will get 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms and includes its own private elevator, gym, and pool table; it has maximum security with 1,800 square meters of space overlooking Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. Kick back and watch the 103-inch plasma TV, enjoy the fine art collection and play some keys on the Steinway grand piano as you wonder how quickly you can drain your bank account.

The good news is that it sleeps up to 6 people so you can split the price with your other comically rich friends.








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