Hotel brands: good at confusing the marketplace

Hotel brands: good at confusing the marketplace


Based on Gulftimes, a leading hotelier in Qatar says that hotel companies like to confuse the customer by creating multiple sub brands under a single umbrella. This concept spreads to Europe, Asia and the rest of the world over the past four decades no matter it is for budget, mid-scale or luxury sector. For example, some hotels were once owned by airline companies simply because it is a good association between flying and accommodating around the world, with the qualified services customers enjoyed on plane, they will think the hotel under same brand can provide a same quality service. Also, Hyatt, under the brand name Andaz, creates stylish boutique. Another example, Moxy, under the name of Marriott, aimed savvy travellers with budgets and who likes fun and stylish. The hotel market fluctuates, it takes time to differentiate understand customers’ needs and build a brand. The one with many hotels such as Marriott International, Bulgari, Starwood, W dominate the market.


Chien Chen Liu