History of the hotel Le Crillon

History of the hotel Le Crillon

The Hotel de Crillon was first of all an architecture ordered by the French king Louis XV to his architect Jacques-Ange Gabriel in 1758.

crillonAt this time called the “hotel d’Aumont”, this place prestigious place where Marie Antoinette has notably took lessons of piano. Gained by François Félix de Crillon in 1788, the hotel will become the Hotel de Crillon whose apparence is classed as historical monument in 1900. It is in 1907 that le Crillon will be a palace rebought and expanded by the Group of Louvre. Its inauguration took place the 11 of March 1909 and for this occasion, the hotel De Crillon will be the first “hotel de prestige” of Paris with such a comfort and exceptional situation. Today Le Crillon is one the palaces of Paris and one of the most famous hotel in the world. He has been bought in 2010 for 250 millions euros to a member of the royal saudi family.



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