History of Maison Boucheron

History of Maison Boucheron


Boucheron is one of the most known French brands. As a first brand eopened a jewellery boutique on the famous place Vendome in Paris. This brand has a big history and now its creations mix the heritage and the innovative new look. The excelent history of the maison Boucheron is very intriguing. There are a few facts.

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Everything began in 1858. This year Frédéric Boucheron opened his first jewelry boutique. The first sale point of this exclusive brand was under the arcades of the Palais Royal, which at this time was the place for Parisian trade. The beautiful surrounding of the Palais Royal gardens is very charming and magical.

The jewelry house was growing. In 1866 mister Boucheron opened his workshops.

In 1886 the businessmen felt in love with the beautiful woman, who was going to become his wife. He created beautiful necklace – a golden snake, which was surrounding his wife neck. It became a iconic piece created by this maison. Legendary piece became after the source of inspiration for the Serpent Boheme Collection.

1878 was the year of great award for maison Boucheron. During the Universal Exhibition in Paris maison was awarded with the first prize for sapphire necklace, created for Marie-Louise MacKay and snake inspired creations.

Louvre is very historical place. In 1887 there was held a huge auction, selling many king’s diamond and gold. Frédéric Boucheron was the only french representative during this auction. He managed to buy 31 diamonds. As it occurred later he purchased it for himself. He created a jewelry for his wife. Since then, maison Boucheron was recognized with the great, big love. Since then, many gentlemen were considering a Boucheron house as this special place to purchase an engagement ring.

The 26 Place Vendome is emblematic place for this brand. In 1893 mister Boucheron was the first one to open his workshops on this legendary square. The international expansion was important. That is why in 1897 the boutique in Moscow was opened.

The king’s jewelry – In 1900 after the great success during the Universal Exhibition, Boucheron made a wrist watch for the King of Belgium, Léopolod II. The creation had gold, sapphires and rubies. He was the first men, who chose the bracelet type of watch. The wristwatches were mostly dedicated for women. Thanks to the maison, the watch trends starting to switching for pocket watches into the wrist clocks.

boucheron kings jewelry

In 1921 the maison Boucheron created the diadem, which was after the favorite piece of Queen Elizabeth’s mother.

Thanks to the previous visit in India and worldwide expansion in August 1928 there was a special order sent to the house. Maharajah De Patiala arrived to Place Vendome with the escort of him servers and boxes of diamonds and emeralds. In the end the house had a lot of job to do. There was created 149 pieces of jewellery.

International expansion is becoming border. In 1973 the opened a boutique in Japan.

In 1988 there was a great 130th anniversary of the maison creation. To celebrate that there was created the first perfumes.

The 21th century is a development of the new iconic collections like Ava Gardner, Quatre, animals creations. In 2010 there was established Haute Jewelry Watch collection.


Boucheron quatre collection

Quatre Collection




This Maison represents the great history and the love combined with the beautiful creations. The legend of great love is present is the unique pieces of the Maison Boucheron.

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