« Hibryds » designers, the future of fashion.

« Hibryds » designers, the future of fashion.

landscape-1427151246-elle-gio-vetements-indexNowadays « hybrids » designers  are shaking the luxury world. Indeed, an unusual dynamism has thrilled the Paris Fashion Week.

Behind the traditional fashion shows or the big houses, new names have tumbled out the blue in the calendar, creating the buzz in much less glamourous sets and in front of a real audience. Like the show of Christelle Kocher in the Square des Halles or in Chinese restaurant in Belleville from the brand « Vêtements » by Demna Gvsaalia who’s now the new artistic director of Balenciaga.

There is a a new waves of designers with atypical and anti conformist careers. They made it to the runway without following the classic path of fashion. Now the fashion world is facing a new generation of designers who are making fashion in a total different way, giving an alternative point of view on their work and the system.


Runways no longer exists, these designers get down to street level, reclaiming contemporary codes with a quickdraw, a silhouette but also speed and energy in their shows, which are not seen elsewhere.

For example, the young stylist Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, founders of Coperni label decided to present one piece by mannequin to erase, in a way the « total look » of fashion houses.

The public recognizes less and less in the big claws. However , with its very liberal dimension in the creation , away from big lights of some sophistication of luxury, spontaneous fashion today has everything to seduce the customers. With these no logo brands , it can regain control of its look and especially escape the dictates of the standart creators.

It’s a tribe of artists who is behind the brand « Etudes Studio », or also a trio who created Jour/Né (ANDAM contestant). They are stylists, who cultivate discretion, to devote himself to the contents of their brand.