Hermès: the secret of its success

Hermès: the secret of its success


Hermès has managed to make its luxury goods both impossibly exclusive and widely available.

But what makes Hermès unique?

     Hermès, the luxury brand « Made in France » does not try to develop the volume but the value of its products. The brand wants to protect all the exclusivity. In effect, as soon as a product works slightly too well on the market, they directly stop to put it on sale.

     The brand frustrates demand and makes it difficult for people to buy its products playing on the good quality of them and their rarity.

     The handicraft is one of the distinctive features of the brand: some of the manufactures operations can only be handmade, as the cutting and the hems of the famous silk squares. The perfection makes of Hermès one of the most luxurious and prestigious brand.

    hermes Another strength for the brand is to ally modernity and tradition. The products are adapted constantly to the era of time. For instance, the Kelly bag: originally it was a bag intended to contain the horse rider’s equipment. But; by reducing its size and by feminizing it, Hermes made of a simple bag one of the emblems of the French Luxury Style.

    According to consumers, the brand has the most desirable goods on the market. And that, because of the exclusivity of its products, their amazing quality, the handmade manufacture and its iconics products.

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