Hermès creates digital home for silk collections:

Hermès creates digital home for silk collections:

French leather goods maker Hermès is maintaining its dedication to whimsy with a digital microsite “housing” silk products.

The site explores Hermès equestrian roots and displays a different silk item, primarily scarves, throughout the hand drawn house.

The digital house’s many floors and vibrant arrangements will likely keep fans entertained as they learn about the range of silk products.

The separate section of Hermès.com helps free the merchandising from the constraints of the ecommerce template.

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On the microsite, consumers are welcomed through the sketched doors into the La Maison des Carrés, roughly translated as House Squares, referring to the silk scarves within the virtual house.

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Hermès has released a social video alongside the microsite that creates a three dimensional version of the house.

The microsite begins with the house’s entrance and as one scrolls downward they are slowly introduced to the Hermès’ silk collections.

Room by room a new scarf is seen mixed in with different sized rooms featuring videos, demonstrations and themes of the scarves.