Hermes closes the polemic with Jane Birkin.

Hermes closes the polemic with Jane Birkin.




The famous actress Jane Birkin gave up on giving her name to the Hermes bag, but the House succeeded in making her agree again thanks to their mutual engagement for better practices in livestock farming and slaughter.

Jane Birkin has proposed the firm to change the name of the famous bag Birkin because of a documentary showing bad practices on livestock farming and slaughter in two of Hermes’ suppliers.




birkin-01-600x450To convince the actress of the collaboration with the brand, they have set up controls and audit for the suppliers.

Moreover, the brand says that the actual standards will be improved to be higher and will make the first supplier in Texas the reference for all the suppliers in the world.








This engagement makes Jane Birkin “satisfied of the positioning of the brand Hermes”.




Awa Ndoye


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