Hermès, Balance Between Art, culture and luxury

Hermès, Balance Between Art, culture and luxury

As stated, Pierre Alexis Dumas, sixth generation of the Hermès family, ” Surprise our customer, that’s the first thing we want to achieve, but we also need to surprise ourselves and all the people who make Hermès we strive to get it ” at the end of May in the financial district of New York.

That night, Wall Street changed the usual bustle of the stock markets for the luxury of a French maison, able to invest nine months of work to reform a historic building in Manhattan to host an event just a few hours and transporting over 700 guests through the various universes of their particular creative cosmos.

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This event was far beyond a simple presentation, the New York appointment became a visual cultural experience, aesthetics and quality.

Latest related to this French luxury house news is related to Christophe Lemaire, creative director of ready- to-wear Hermès since June 2010.

Through a statement, the company announced that the spring-summer collection 2015, presented in Paris on October 1, was the last that bears his name. The news has generated buzz about who will be the next household name to take his place, predicting a potential dance chairs, something big houses managed with such ease and secrecy. From maison has not been indicated to substitute, but is expected to be announced in the coming days.