Haute Couture Haircare

Haute Couture Haircare

“They want you to think that hair is hair. Well, it’s not just hair. It’s Balmain Hair.”


With a 70 years old heritage in Haute Couture and an army of celebrities that swear by their creations, Balmain took a new step last year and entered a new sector: hair.

The 10-piece range, Luxury Care for Hair Couture, is divided into incredibly simple, user-friendly sub sections consisting of ‘moisturizing’ and ‘volume’. Shampoos, conditioners, repair hair-masks and leave-ins, the caring and styling products promise hair straight of the runway.

The beautiful, black and white packaging is pure Balmain. And scents are said to be one of the best in hair care, something like an expensive French candle.

The pricing, although not the cheapest on the market, is still pretty accessible: they go from a 22,95€ shampoo to 28,95€ hair mask.

For those who want to go full-on on the ‘’Balmainia’’ there’s also the option of buying the complete set for each line.

But the Balmain Hair products don’t stop there. They also have a range of hair tools for professionals with scissors, blow-dryer and even a 129,95€ special edition hair brush.



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